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Material Selection                                            

The main material for the cable covers are polyethylene powder. It is a very fine particle with a diameter about 10-30 UM with Flexural Modulus or Stiffness. The stiffness is a function of the polymer type and molecular weight, as well as the thickness and shape of the plastic part. The material selection make the cable cover with high flexural Mod and good impact. Few mineral filling are also added in not to increase the stiffness or flexural modulus of a polymer system. The mineral added is also with proper aspect ratio and particle size.

The PE powder itself makes the cable cover an environmentally-friendly product because it consists of only carbon and hydrogen without any halogenated material.

Quality control

We aim to produce high quality products all of which go through our Quality Control Department's rigorous inspection process. The Quality Control Department checks all the features of each individual product, making sure all the cable cover extruded is of the highest grade. It is up to this department to ensure that all orders meet both the standards of our customers, as well as the standards of the industry.

Our staff of quality control eyesight the whole production secures the quality of the materials used. The shape and size of the cable cover are punctuated. .No matter how many customized specifications a client wants, the Quality Control Department makes sure that all available dies, both custom and standard, are kept in top condition. Since our Quality Control Manager is always onsite, the Quality Control Department's well-trained staff consistently monitors our products during and after the production phase.

A more strict testing are made from the random sample. In case of any low quality product, they whole production line will halted and the finished product will be abandoned.


A Strict impact testing is made within the factory lab before any delivery. The testing is to make sure all the products will be in conformity with the requirement of our custom both in quality and technique. The testing can also be made in other third laboratories as well.

Then a test report will be conducted to our customer for their reference. After customers consent, the cables will be shipped.

Special testing equipment will be used to make the tensile strength and the impact endurance. Below is the facility for both aspects.

Tensile Strength Testing

Impact Endurance testing

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